Caring for your Hermit Crab

28 / Aug / 2018

Care Sheet – Land Hermit “Crazy” Crabs

The land hermit crabs make a wonderful pet. They are friendly, intelligent, odour free and very clean. This crab has evolved to live on land and uses en empty shell as a portable home, as well as for protection. Remember it is a land animal and must not be kept in water. The following information is intended as a guide only. They can live for up to 15 years!


The land hermit crab is tropical and best kept at 25-30 deg C. Do not let the temperature drop below 20 deg C. Heating may be provided by a low wattage light globe over the enclosure, ideally to one end so as to create a temperature gradient.


Feeding options include fish food pellets, and cereal, bread, shredded coconut, apple and other varieties of fruit. Ensure all food is kept fresh.


Two bowls of water must be provided; one containing freshwater for drinking, and the other seawater for bathing. (Use approximately one-teaspoon non-iodized salt per 100mls water) Ensure the water bowls are sturdy and cannot be tipped over, and change frequently to keep it clean.


Like other crabs, crazy crabs need to moult their outer shell so that they may grow. This usually happens twice a year, and they may burrow or hide when doing so.

Extra Shells:

Crazy crabs will frequently change their shell, sometimes to a larger one to enable them to grow. Therefore, a few spare shells of similar and slightly larger size should be provided.


They are somewhat nocturnal by nature and may sleep for most of the day. Low temperature and low humidity will cause the crabs to be less active and stressed. Crabs are most active and happy when kept in groups. They are capable of a painful nip if provoked, so care must be taken when handling however they will become quite tame over time.


Glass or acrylic type aquariums are ideal, however ensure they are covered and cannot climb out. They love to climb, so decorations such as driftwood that enable this are ideal. The flood should be kept dry. All types of aquarium gravels are suitable depending on your desired look, and wood shaving may be used in winter to help maintain warmth.

Land Hermit Crab Checklist:

· Enclosure – Secure so that they cannot climb out

· Food – Dry Hermit Crab Pellets

· Salt – Hermit Crab Salt

· Water – Two Water bowls: Shallow and sturdy

· Substrate for bottom

· Spare shells