Fish – Common Aquarium Problems

23 / Jul / 2018
General Information

Common aquarium problems:

Incorrect water temperature
Overcrowding of fish
Poor fish compatibility
Incorrect pH level
Water hardness
Inadequate oxygen levels
Water impurities e.g. chlorine
Water issues
Cloudy water
Green water
Salt levels
Ammonia build up
High nitrite and nitrate levels
Poor nutrition including overfeeding

Aquarium set up

A good aquarium set up needs:

Good sized tank (at least 10L) with a strong table or stand to sit on
Good quality gravel
Gravel vac
Filter and air pump
Heater and thermostat for tropical fish
Water conditioner
Fish food
Bacteria starter
Water test kits (pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate)
Algae scraper

Always ‘cycle’ your tank before introducing new fish.

For more information click the PDF below and download the fact sheet.