Caring For Your Fighting Fish “Betta”

28 / Aug / 2018

Average size :   4 inches

Average life span :  Up to 4 years

Minimum tank size :   4 litres or more

Water temperature:   24-26 C

Feeding:   4-5 pellets, twice a day. Freeze-dried bloodworms are ok as a treat

Water changes: Once a week, take out 20% of the water, using a gravel syphen (never do a full water change). Refill the tank with tap water and water conditioner drops.

Signs of good health: Active and alert, eats regularly, vibrant colours.

Red flags: Loss of colour, white spots, lack of movement, cloudy eyes.

Bettas or fighting fish, as they are more commonly known,  originated from tropical Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, living in rice paddy fields.  A common myth is that they live in small little puddles, however this is not the case, with male betta’s territory being up to the length of 3 average cars .  With this in mind, bowls are not ideal as fighters like a mild current and need warm water. A fighting fish will require at least a four litre tank, along with a filter, heater and light.

Fighting fish can be kept with other fish, such as neon tetras, ember tetras and other small tetras, but males must be kept seperate from each other. When given the right living conditions, fighters make great pets that love to show off their beautiful colours.